Late 19th and early 20th century anthropomorphic artists could make even six-hundred pound hogs lovable.  Their pigs celebrated the holidays, learned poetry in school, played the piano in the barnyard and absolutely loved champagne. 

Dancing anthropomorphic pigs wearing blue and yellow evening gowns.
Pig in purple evening gown sings as her tuxedo-wearing partner plays piano.
Anthropomorphic pig in hot-air balloon flies over polar bears.
Piglets dance as an adult plays the violin.
Anthropomorphic pigs going into a house covered in gold coins.
Anthropomorphic pigs lead sled filled with goodies.
Pig dressed as chauffeur drives antique car and loses passenger.
Pigs carry ladders and brooms as they prepare to clean chimneys.
Anthropomorphic pig in suit offers red roses to pig wearing pink skirt.